Why Is Saliva So Important Anyways?

Why Is Saliva So Important Anyways?

The natural production of saliva in your mouth is something you take for granted, until you don’t have it anymore. Just like being able to breathe easily or having clear vision or good hearing—these are all bodily functions we feel entitled to. But when our hearing starts to go, or we have to start wearing glasses, we realize how crucial these functions are and how difficult it is to live without them.

It’s the same for those of you who suffer from dry mouth.

For years, your mouth has produced plenty of saliva. Suddenly, your saliva production has slowed down and you’re realizing how difficult life is without it. A dry mouth and throat, dry and cracked lips—living with dry mouth is incredibly uncomfortable. But in addition to the discomfort, a low production of saliva is also a hazard to your health.

According to Pharmacy Times, on average, we produce about three pints of saliva a day. Of that three pints, 99% is water and 1% is proteins and enzymes. This unique make-up of saliva is what regulates the microbiome in the mouth, allowing for homeostasis—the state the mouth is in when all chemicals and bacteria are well-balanced.

When saliva production lowers, the mouth is no longer able to maintain homeostasis.

In a recent article published by The ASHA Leader, the official publication of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, speech pathology expert Karen Sheffler says, “Any discussion of oral health needs to include saliva.” This is because of the way saliva affects not just homeostasis but many other bodily functions, says Sheffler, such as:

  • Digestion: Our digestive tracts are not made for digesting large pieces of food; they must be broken down first. Saliva initiates this break-down.
  • Taste: Saliva carries food chemicals to our taste buds so that we can actually taste what we’re eating. Not being able to taste can make someone become disinterested in eating, causing further health issues.
  • Tooth enamel: Proteins and minerals in our saliva protect our tooth enamel. Saliva also neutralizes acid levels in our mouth, so our enamel is protected from decay
  • Mouth cleanliness: Saliva keeps bacteria in the mouth at bay as well as plaque. Without saliva, we are at higher risk for infection and disease.

These are just a few reasons why saliva is so important to our overall health. This is why if you have dry mouth, you aren’t just uncomfortable. You’re at risk.

Fortunately, there’s hope.

We here at HYDRALIEF™ are focused on supporting healthy saliva flow and, therefore, supporting your health. Our formula uses natural ingredients to help the production of saliva and restore the mouth to homeostasis, as well as relieve your dry mouth symptoms.

We’ve been in the oral health care industry for a long time. We know how crucial saliva is in maintaining a healthy and balanced microbiome and we are here to make sure others know how important this is too.

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We all take saliva for granted, until we don’t have it anymore. You don’t have to live with poor saliva production. In fact, you can’t. Now that you know how important saliva actually is, give HDRALIEF™ a try and restore not only your saliva, but your overall health.


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