Thanksgiving & Dry Mouth: How You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Food-Holiday Again

Thanksgiving & Dry Mouth: How You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Food-Holiday Again

If you suffer from Dry Mouth, how long has it been since you’ve actually enjoyed Thanksgiving? Two years... Five years... More?

While most people look forward to Thanksgiving and all of the food they will get to eat, Dry Mouth sufferers dread it.

What is Dry Mouth?

Dry Mouth occurs when the mouth isn’t producing enough saliva. Saliva is crucial to the digestive process because it breaks down the food in your mouth. If your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, you have to make sure you’re eating foods that are easy to break down and digest without it.

Very Well Health suggests staying away from the following foods if you have Dry Mouth:

  • Crusty bread
  • Acidic foods
  • Salty foods
  • Spicy foods
  • Sugary food and drink
  • Dry snack food
  • Tough cuts of meat  

Sugary foods are particularly off limits for those who suffer from Dry Mouth. Your saliva is what sweeps away sugar so it doesn’t rot into the teeth and gums and cause problems. Without saliva, sugary foods are more likely to settle in the mouth and cause tooth decay and other oral health issues.

Perhaps on the other 364 days of the year, avoiding sugar isn’t a problem for you. But on Thanksgiving staying away from sugar is difficult, especially when everyone else is taking part in the festivities. You may be tempted to avoid the holiday altogether or remove yourself from the dinner table just so you’re not tempted by all of the delicious food around you. After all, what is Thanksgiving without pumpkin or pecan pie?

What if this Thanksgiving you could have your pie and eat it to?


With HYDRALIEF, this is possible. HYDRALIEF is a Dry Mouth product that helps relieve Dry Mouth discomfort by moisturizing the mouth and helping promote healthy saliva flow. With HYDRALIEF you can enjoy Thanksgiving and other food-centered holidays again!

Our products come in a number of formats including Dry Mouth Drops that you can take on the go as you visit family for the holidays, and a Dry Mouth Rinse that you can take before the day’s festivities to ensure you enjoy several hours of healthy saliva flow and, therefore, pie!

Dry Mouth doesn’t have to ruin your holidays. Using HYDRALIE can help you partake in all of the fun and food of Thanksgiving, and the rest of the holiday season.

To learn more about our HYDRALIEFline of Dry Mouth products, visit our website here.