Runners - This Is Why YouGet a Dry Mouth

Runners - This Is Why YouGet a Dry Mouth

You’re up early. It’s cold. You make the long trek from your car to the start line. You’ve stretched out, warmed up... You are ready for this race.

The gun goes off...

Your feet start to pound the pavement...

You find your rhythm...

You’re feeling good and then it hits you.

Dry Mouth

You’ve hardly run a mile and you’re already parched? The next water station isn’t for a couple of miles. People are running around you. You couldn’t bring a water bottle with you - it’s too cumbersome for this type of run. What can you do?

If you’re a runner who’s ever competed in a race, you have probably experienced Dry Mouth to some degree. If it’s at the beginning of the race, like in the description above, it’s probably nerves. As Live Strong explains, emotions like nervousness and anxiety can cause Dry Mouth when you’re running. This is because Dry Mouth is a fight-or-flight stress symptom. In this case, your Dry Mouth will subside with your nerves and there is nothing to worry about.

Dehydration could also be the culprit for your Dry Mouth when you run. This would happen later in the race, after you’ve been sweating for a while. When you sweat, you have to replace the water leaving your body. If you’re not drinking enough water during the race, your entire body can dry out, including your mouth.

Breathing through your mouth is another culprit for running-induced Dry Mouth. You may not be a mouth-breather during non-aerobic activity, but breathing through your mouth is common for runners, and it may be difficult to change how you breathe, especially when you are focused on completing a race. That’s why using a Dry Mouth relief product like HYDRALIEF could be helpful if your Dry Mouth is caused by mouth-breathing.

One of our most popular products is our HYDRALIEF Dry Mouth Drops, which help promote healthy saliva flow and create moisture in the mouth. They’re small enough to keep in the pocket of your running shorts, so you can pop one your mouth at the beginning, middle or end of a race.

If you experience Dry Mouth frequently throughout the day - not just when you’re running - you could have chronic Dry Mouth. Chronic Dry Mouth is often caused by prescription medications, autoimmune disease or cancer treatment and can lead to number of oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. If you think you have chronic Dry Mouth, speak with your doctor.

Dry Mouth shouldn’t keep you from hitting the trails, finally completing that marathon you've been training for, or even just trying to stick to your new year's resolutions of being more active.

Stay hydrated, use HYDRALIEF and you’ll stay healthy enough to run any race you set your mind to!