Dentist-Approved Stocking Stuffers For Everyone on Your List!

Dentist-Approved Stocking Stuffers For Everyone on Your List!

Mouth-Friendly, Dentist-Approved

The frenzy of Black Friday may be over, but the holiday shopping is not. For most of us, it’s probably just begun and with it, the stress! What to buy for which relative and friend; the one who has everything; the one who’s incredibly picky; the one you forgot to buy for last year. (Oops.)

We might not have ideas for all of your big gifts, but for stockings, we have you covered.

Since the HYDRALIEF team is all about oral health, we scoured the internet for some of our favorite mouth-friendly and dentist-approved gift ideas. And no, they’re not just boring toothbrushes. We have something that will bring a pleasantly surprised smile to everyone on your list.

1. For the Gadget-Obsessed

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

This electric toothbrush is especially gadget-y with three different brush speed modes to choose from—clean, white or gum care—and a handy light that goes off whenever the battery needs to be recharged. Your gadget-obsessed brother will never be so excited to brush his teeth in the morning.

2. For the Minimalist:

Ceramic Handmade Toothbrush Holder

No need for a bulky toothbrush holder next to the bathroom sink - this unique, handmade ceramic holder is perfect for your minimalist, yet stylish friend. It will add interest to her bathroom counter, without cramping her minimalist style.

3. For the Dieter:

Chocolate Flavored Toothpicks

We all have that mom or aunt who is talking incessantly about her diet beginning January 1. Give her these fun, and delicious, chocolate-flavored toothpicks to support her health goals! After a meal, she’ll get all the benefits of dessert and clean gums, without consuming a single calorie... and you can also grab some for yourself since, let's face it, we all make the annual diet resolution.

4. For the One Always Asking for a Piece of Gum:

HYDRALIEF Dry Mouth Drops

For that relative always asking if you have a piece of gum, slip our most in-demand product into his stocking this year. Our Dry Mouth drops don’t just help promote healthy saliva flow (which is probably why they're always pestering you about another piece of gum— they have Dry Mouth) it also helps freshen the breath!

Let us take some of the stress of holiday shopping off your shoulders.

Give the gift that keeps on giving - the gift of a healthy mouth. Your friends and family will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Get more gift ideas and learn more about our entire line of Dry Mouth relief products here.