Lupus has many symptoms. This doesn’t have to be one of them.

Lupus has many symptoms. This doesn’t have to be one of them.

Last year, pop star Selena Gomez announced to her fans that she received a life-saving kidney transplant. The operation forced her to slow down on promoting her music and focus on her health.

Gomez has suffered from lupus for several years -- an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation to different areas of the body. The most common type of lupus is called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). SLE can cause inflammation in the blood vessels that are responsible for filtering waste in your kidneys. Because of this, lupus can lead to kidney disease and the need for a kidney transplant, as it did for Gomez.

Gomez’s operation has allowed her to speak out about the disease and its prevention. She is among a number of celebrities, including Toni Braxton and Lady Gaga, who help bring awareness and understanding to this often misunderstood illness.

Anyone can be diagnosed with lupus, but it is most common in women ages 15-44. In addition to kidney disease, the most serious cases of lupus can lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Many lupus patients will experience side effects such as fatigue, skin rashes, fever and swelling in the joints.

While celebrities like Gomez are shedding light on lupus and the symptoms it can cause, one symptom is often left out of the lupus conversation: Dry Mouth.

Dry Mouth occurs when the mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. It is incredibly uncomfortable, making it difficult to chew, swallow and speak. It can also cause a number of dental problems because the mouth isn’t producing the saliva it needs to wash away bad bacteria.

Those who suffer from lupus will experience Dry Mouth if they develop Sjogren’s syndrome -- an autoimmune disease that often occurs in conjunction with other autoimmune diseases like lupus. Sjogren’s causes saliva production glands to dry up, leading to Dry Mouth.

When you are already feeling fatigued or experiencing swollen joints, a dry mouth is the last thing you want to deal with. And dental bills on top of your existing medical bills will only add to your pain.

Fortunately for those suffering from lupus and Dry Mouth, there’s good news.

HYDRALIEF™ offers long-lasting relief from Dry Mouth discomfort. It doesn’t just mask symptoms. Similar to a conditioner for your hair, HYDRALIEF™ conditions the mouth with a dual-action formula that supports healthy saliva flow and moisturizes the oral cavity.

For those who suffer from lupus and Dry Mouth, using HYDRALIEF™ could mean one less symptom to worry about; one less obstacle you have to face down when trying to live a normal, healthy life. We know you have to suffer due to a number of other issues. Dry Mouth doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Lupus is a chronic disease, but all of the symptoms that go along with it don’t have to be. Try HYDRALIEF™ today and start living the healthy life you deserve.