How to Tell a Loved One They Have Bad Breath

How to Tell a Loved One They Have Bad Breath

No one can escape it; everyone gets it. It’s the longest epidemic known to mankind...

Bad breath.

We all wake up with it, but some of us have it even after brushing our teeth.

Up to 50 million Americans suffer from chronic bad breath -- a condition that isn’t easily taken care of with a toothbrush. Chronic bad breath is a unique health concern because it doesn’t only affect you and your own body, but everyone around you. We all know what it’s like to talk to someone who has bad breath. You probably try and get out of the conversation as quickly as possible.

But what about when this person is your friend, spouse or significant other? You can’t just avoid that person, and as someone who is close to them, it might be your job to let this person know their bad breath isn’t just frequent; it’s a problem.

How do you this? Well, we have a few tips:

Start With Empathy

When broaching this touchy subject, lifestyle-blog says,

“You need to put yourself in your friend’s position and consider the ramifications of what you say and how you say it.”

Is your loved one sensitive? Do they respond better to directness? How would you like someone to tell you that you have bad breath? Put yourself in that person’s shoes and let empathy decide what you will say, and how you will say it.

Talk in Private urges people not to publicly shame their bad-breathed friend,

“If you've noticed someone has bad breath, chances are that others have noticed too. But that doesn't mean you should talk about it in front of other people! Instead, be sure to find somewhere private to talk -- like while driving in a car or during a walk.”

Get Scientific

Chronic bad breath could be a symptom of a more serious health problem. For instance, chronic Dry Mouth can cause bad breath. If your loved one is suffering from Dry Mouth, it means they are not producing enough saliva. Saliva is needed to sweep away bad bacteria, acid and dead cells from the oral cavity. If you aren’t producing enough saliva, those things are just sitting in your mouth, on your tongue, giving off unpleasant odors.

Ask your loved one if he or she might be suffering from Dry Mouth and suggest something that could help, like our HYDRALIEF Dry Mouth rinse. Our rinse promotes healthy saliva flow and freshens the breath.

Even if your loved one is not suffering from Dry Mouth, asking about a larger health issue could be a gentle way to approach their chronic bad breath.

Telling someone she has bad breath is a tough job, but it’s better to hear from someone you love, than a stranger sitting next to you on an airplane.

  • Be empathetic
  • Talk in private
  • Make sure there isn’t a bigger health issue at play
Trust us, your friend or loved one will be grateful you brought it up before someone else did!