Four Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mistletoe

Four Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a longstanding holiday novelty in the Western World. According to Live Science, it dates as far back as Ancient Greece, when it was used during marriage ceremonies as a symbol of fertility.

Today, mistletoe can still be found around the holidays - hung in your friends’ home for their annual Christmas party or in your relatives’ doorway, greeting everyone as they come home for the holidays.

Although mistletoe has been around for centuries, how much do you really know about this kiss-inducing plant? As oral hygiene experts, we were curious. The facts we found might surprise you as much as they did us.

Here are four things you probably didn’t know about mistletoe:

  1. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant; it attaches to its host tree, or plant, and steals its water and nutrients. Mistletoe can be found on over 200 different plant varieties.
  2. In the Victorian Era, if a girl refused a kiss under the mistletoe, it was a bad omen for her future marriage, or lack thereof.
  3. Nobody really knows when it become customary to kiss under the mistletoe, but one of the first recorded incidents of this tradition comes from a book written by Washington Irving in 1820!
  4. In Europe, mistletoe extracts have been often used to treat cancer patients, but these treatments are not available in the U.S.; The National Cancer Institute believes the studies conducted on medications made from mistletoe extract are not conclusive enough for safe use.


For those of you with Dry Mouth, while the history of mistletoe may be interesting, your history with it is probably frustrating. Mistletoe and Dry Mouth just don’t go together. Who wants to have a dry kiss?

If you have Dry Mouth, you’ve probably experienced stringy saliva, bad breath and dry, or cracked, lips. Not exactly mistletoe material!

Hydralief was founded under the belief that Dry Mouth should not affect a person’s livelihood, and we are never more passionate about this than during the holidays. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the festivities — even the odd tradition of kissing under the mistletoe — just because you have Dry Mouth!

Our line of oral conditioners ease Dry Mouth discomfort and also help to promote healthy saliva flow. It’s the only formula with this dual-action power. And we don’t use alcohol or harsh irritants in our formula, so using our products is actually a pleasant experience.

With Hydralief, this could be the year that you stop running past the mistletoe and, instead, stop boldly underneath it - confident and ready to be kissed! Just consider it a holiday gift from us to you. Don't worry, seeing you find comfort is gift enough for us!

Wishing everyone a warm and happy holiday season,


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