Do you have diabetes? Don’t overlook this important symptom.

Do you have diabetes? Don’t overlook this important symptom.

If you have diabetes, you probably spend a good portion of your day checking, worrying about or trying to maintain a proper insulin level. Because diet is so critical for diabetes patients, we know you think about what you put into your mouth at each meal. But how often do you think about your mouth, as in, your oral health?

As someone who has diabetes, you have a lot to think about already, so your oral health may fall low on the priority list. But when you own a car, you don’t just fill it up with gas, right? You also change the oil, rotate the tires and check the brake pads every once in a while. It’s the same with your health, especially if you have diabetes. You have to pay attention to every part of your body.

One common yet often overlooked symptom of diabetes is Dry Mouth. According to the American Diabetes Association, in diabetes patients, Dry Mouth can be caused by prescription medications or by high blood sugar. Dry Mouth for someone with diabetes can lead to a number of unnecessary, and possibly dangerous, complications.

Because saliva is needed to sweep away bad bacteria, Dry Mouth can cause infections such as cavities, tooth decay and even gingivitis. As you know, infections are complicated for diabetes patients because infections can make your blood sugar rise, making it even more difficult to control your diabetes.

To complicate things further, bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar. So if your blood sugar is high, bacteria will want to hang out in your mouth as long as possible, making a mouth infection last much longer and be much more difficult to treat than it would in someone without diabetes.

It’s a dangerous cycle: Dry Mouth → mouth infections → blood sugar rises → infection gets worse.

Fortunately, you can stop this cycle before it starts.

Dry Mouth can be treated and controlled in many ways. One of the most effective ways is by using a Dry Mouth product like HYDRALIEF™. Our formula -- available as a gel, rinse, spray or tablet -- moisturizes the mouth and promotes healthy saliva flow, keeping bad bacteria at bay so you don’t have to worry about an infection or blood sugar spike as a result.

We know you have a lot to think about with diabetes. Maintaining your overall health can feel like a full-time job. While many people can get away with simply filling up their tank, you have to consistently look under the hood.

HYDRALIEF™ is here to support you on your journey. With HYDRALIEF™, you can rest assured that your mouth is moisturized, healthy and germ free, giving you one less infection to worry about.

If you’re interested in learning more about HYDRALIEF™ products and how they can help, visit our website.