Dangerous Dehydrating Effects of Flying

Dangerous Dehydrating Effects of Flying

...Your bags are packed.

...You arrive at the airport on time.

...You board your flight, coffee in hand.

You’re a happy traveler.

After you deplane, you stop by the bathroom. In your peripheral vision you get a glimpse of your reflection. You stop and look. Who is that looking back at you? This morning you were showered and refreshed. Now, you look haggard and, somehow, older? Did you age on the plane?

For those who travel, you’ve probably experienced this scenario more than once. What exactly happens to us when we’re in an airplane? How can we look one way when we get on, and then completely different when we get off?

Planes aren’t time machines, so you know you couldn’t have aged anymore than the length of the flight! So what’s the culprit for the unfortunate transformation we undergo while traveling?


According to Yasmin Badiani, head of rehydration supplement Phizz, the reason we get so dehydrated on planes is because we’re spending an extended period of time in a climate-controlled environment.

And that climate often hovers around an incredibly low humidity level of 10-15 percent, which is drier than the Sahara desert!

Badiani adds that on a longer, ten-hour flight, men can lose up to two liters of water and women can lose up to 1.6.

This drastic loss of water affects our bodies internally and externally. According to The iFit Zone, “As with all bodily organs, your skin cells are composed of water. And without water, the cells don’t function as they should.” When we are dehydrated our skin “loses flexibility and becomes more prone to wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. It becomes dull, dry, and flaky.”

Hence, why we are taken aback when we see ourselves in the mirror after the flight.

Although it’s impossible to escape the dry climate of an airplane, we do have some tips for staying hydrated while flying and decreasing some of the effects of dehydration:

  • Drink Water, NOT Alcohol

For you first class flyers who have the luxury of free drinks, this one will be difficult; because beverages like alcohol and coffee are diuretics, they can dehydrate you even more when you’re flying. Instead, stick with water. Dr. Oz recommends drinking eight ounces of water for every hour you’re in flight.

  • Use a Mouth Spray

Dehydration can easily lead to Dry Mouth, and Dry Mouth is bad news for keeping your mouth clean and healthy. If you’re not producing enough saliva, bad bacteria won’t get swept away, leaving your mouth and teeth vulnerable to infection. By using a hydrating mouth spry like the Hydralief's Dry Mouth Spray, you can easily keep your mouth moisturized throughout your trip.

  • Pack a Travel-Sized Moisturizer

When packing your carry-on bag, include a travel-sized hydrating lotion you can use on your skin and face when your skin gets dry. This will help prevent the haggard, dry, post-airplane look and leave you glowing instead.


Traveling can be a fun luxury, but can also be hard on your body - both internally and externally. Stay hydrated and your trip is sure to be more enjoyable! Your body, and your reflection, will thank you.