A New Year's Resolution Worth Sticking With

A New Year's Resolution Worth Sticking With

Setting healthy resolutions this year? Don’t forget about your mouth!

According to a survey conducted by Inc.com...

71% of participants said their 2019 new year’s resolution was to diet or eat healthier
65% said they want to exercise more
54% said they want to lose weight.

‘Tis the season to set health goals!

When we set a New Year’s resolution to get healthier, we always think about our weight, body fat and muscle mass, but often overlook one of the most important parts of the body — the mouth. Keeping our mouths healthy is just as important as keeping the rest of our bodies healthy.

- Floss & Brush Regularly

Bad oral hygiene has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. In recent years, doctors have begun looking at oral health when patients come in with certain illnesses. Improving your oral hygiene could help stave off these diseases. Studies have even shown that good oral hygiene can lengthen your lifespan.

Flossing and brushing regularly will make your more attuned to how your teeth are doing and, therefore, how the rest of your body is doing! Simply taking the time in the morning and at night to check in with your mouth is a great way to keep tabs on your overall health.

And it's a resolution you’ll actually stick to

Resolutions can be difficult to stick to; Although 60% of people make new year’s resolutions, research has found that only about 8% of those people actually stick to their resolutions!

You have probably fallen in that eight percent, setting big goals, only to fail at them a month later. Because oral hygiene is something you probably already practice, improving your habits is an easy and manageable goal to stick to.

Think about what your oral hygiene routine is now... Perhaps you brush your teeth twice a day, or just once. Maybe you floss, but only occasionally.

What is something small you could add to that routine? Perhaps you could start flossing twice a week instead of just once?

You could brush for a longer period of time or, better yet, invest in an electric toothbrush to make sure your teeth get extra clean. (Maybe you got the Philip's Sonicare we suggested as a stocking-stuffer??)

You don’t have to set lofty goals to achieve better oral hygiene. An extra minute or two a day will do the trick. Then at the end of the year, you can look back and know you achieved at least one of those resolutions you set.

We want you to have a happy and healthy 2019, but you can’t do that if you don’t prioritize your oral hygiene. Incorporate a few healthy habits this year, and your teeth — your entire body, really — will thank you. After all, what good is a healthy diet if you don’t have a healthy mouth to eat it with?

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